Now available on Kindle and PDF is a children’s story centered on The Life and Times of Theodore Addison, a young genius.

In this story, “5th Grade Challenge“, the girls and boys have a fierce and dangerous rivalry that leads the teachers to organize a tournament in Academics, Hobbies, and Sports. They secretly hope that allowing the students to compete with each other in the organized competition will help them develop respect for one another.

The students will prepare for the competition, but Veronica’s got some unfair tactics to give the girls an advantage, which Ted takes exception to. It’s hard to see immoral people as the “Image of God”, but Ted has to learn how, while also bringing home the victory for the boys and protecting his friends from heartache.

The goals of this book are to:

  1. Help your children see each other as the Image of God, and learn how to treat everyone with respect.
  2. Help your children develop their reading skills while greatly expanding their vocabulary.
  3. Give your family a tool for Christian development and enhance your family time together.

5th Grade Challenge will cost $1.99 on Amazon if you buy the ebook, but it’s free if you subscribe to my website. The paperback version of the book is exclusively available on Amazon for $22. Let’s meet the characters.


Ted’s a genius who loves engineering new inventions whenever he can. If he could, he’d quit school and spend all his time making new things. He is the kind of guy who thinks deeply, but not quickly. So he tends not to accept others’ advice because he can’t sit down and think through it. He has a kind heart, but is also mischievous.


Veronica is Ted’s rival. She loves to hate him, and tries her best to compete with him. She isn’t as smart as Ted, but she can think quickly, so this gives her an edge against Ted from time to time. Her parents are missionaries who moved from Canada to minister in the US. This hasn’t rubbed off on her, though, as she can be fierce and mean. Only those who get close to her get to see the nice side of her.


Derrick is Ted’s right hand man. He always checks Ted’s inventions whenever he finishes something. Derrick has a funny side, but he alternates between being funny and being serious. Others just see him as another comic book-reading, computer-loving nerd. Derrick’s family is the reason why Ted’s family moved to town, as their longstanding friendship provided stability for Ted when he had to move.


Diamond is Veronica’s best friend. She and Veronica moved to town at the same time, and relied on each other to adjust to their new home and new school. Diamond sometimes acts as Veronica’s conscience, but also sometimes goes along with Veronica’s plans. Diamond can get along with anyone, so most people like her, including the unpopular students.

Yaakov "James"

James is an Ethiopian Jew who has moved around a lot in his life. He recently moved to the US from Israel, and has had trouble making friends because he isn’t sure he won’t move again. James is a religious boy who is careful to think about God in everything he does. That said, he is very insecure, and feels like he will never fit in, no matter where he goes.

Ambrosa "Bookworm"

Amber is a quiet girl who loves reading books. She thinks a lot about life and frequently zones out as she reads. This makes it take longer to finish books, but she gets the most out of each. Oftentimes when she talks, she’ll speak in Spanish without knowing it, confusing her listeners at times. Additionally, she knows that she needs to become a more assertive person, so she tries to develop her confidence, though her efforts are inconsistent.