Step into the Rivalry

How do you teach children to respect and love everyone as Christ did? How do you show them that winning isn't everything?

5th Grade Challenge is a story about a fierce rivalry between the girls and boys. It gets out of control, so the teachers decide to organize a contest to let students settle their differences. They hope that the students will develop respect for each other through competing.

The story will teach children Christian values through a fun, relatable story. The only thing they won't like is that the story will end. (But don't worry. There's a sneak peak of the sequel at the end.)

Students in America and even China have enjoyed this story, and your family will, too. Go ahead and click the button to get the ebook for free.



This book goes above and beyond to serve your family's spiritual, scholastic, and cultural needs.

Multicultural Setting Your children will get to experience life in many characters' shoes, especially with two of the main characters being immigrants to the US.

Christian Values

This book won't tell your children what to think. It will show them and convince them through the engaging story.

Reflection Questions

At the end of each chapter, there are questions that you and your family can think about from the reading. It's a great chance to share life experiences and beliefs.


There are over 300 vocabulary words a 5th grader might not know. You'll get the word, its pronunciation, and its definition in-context.

Family Bonding

Families are encouraged to read the story together. It's a great way to share thoughts and experiences with each other, bringing the family together.


The lead character is a mixed-race genius who loves engineering. Children need to be able to see themselves as fully capable of doing anything.

“This story taught me that I should be nice to everyone, even if they are sometimes mean.”

Anna Xu - 12 year old Chinese student

“I love Amber's character. She’s a smart girl and Hispanics today aren’t perceived as intelligent, we're perceived as too dumb to get a 'real job' or we don’t know enough English to get a 'real job'. I love that she’s shy but bold enough to face her fears.”

Amanda Dickerson - Hispanic woman in her late 20s

You Won't Be Able to Put It Down The love and detail in the artwork turn a good manuscript into an amazing reading experience. Your kids will be clamoring for the book to become a TV show soon enough.

The First in a Series

I take that back, this is the second book in the series. A new book, "My New Home" is being written as we speak, and it will explain the origin of Theodore Addison and his new classmates. "5th Grade Challenge" will definitely leave you wanting more. So I'm working on the 3rd in the series, "The Average Genius". A free excerpt is included at the end of "5th Grade Challenge".

A Word From The Author: "God Ain't Boring" 

“I love teaching people about Jesus Christ, and I love to do it in ways that grab people's interest and attention. So I won't stop with books. I will even move on to video games. And guess what? This story is directly inspired by one of my games. So I'm certain it will be fun to read together.”  

- Jamaal W.M. Fridge 

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