Step into the Rivalry

How do you teach children to respect and love everyone as Christ did? How do you show them that winning isn't everything?

5th Grade Challenge is the story of a fierce rivalry between the girls and boys. It gets out of control, so the teachers decide to organize a contest to let students settle their differences, hoping that they will develop respect for each other through competing.

The book will follow six characters, each with different struggles and flaws, as they navigate their lives and relationships with each other and the world around them.

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Meet the Characters

Throughout the story, we'll pass the baton between the characters and the focuses of their lives. It truly is six stories in one, each with valuable lessons readers can learn from.

Theodore Addison

For someone so explosively intelligent, Ted sure can be immature. He doesn't realize that he sometimes creates his own problems. On top of that, sometimes his brain can be his worst enemy.

Veronica Teal

Winning over everything is her creed, no matter who she crushes in the process, including her allies. Who would've thought the missionary kid was capable of this?

Derrick Read

Everyone's been wronged before. But Derrick just can't let it go. Can he get over his hurt feelings and recognize when people are trying to change?

Diamond Forté

Diamond rides for Veronica, but at the same time wants to maintain an innocent appearance. Choosing the right thing will put her in direct conflict with her best friend.

Yaakov Maven

"James" is a basket case. Being a foreign kid is hard enough. Add on top of that all the insecurities imaginable, and it's a miracle he hasn't stowed away on a flight back home.

Ambrosa Rodriguez

"Bookworm" has never been one to speak up for herself. But in order to get what she wants, she's really going to need to push past her shyness. It'll be that much harder when she becomes a pariah.

What this book offers

This book goes above and beyond to serve your family's spiritual, scholastic, and cultural needs.

Multicultural Setting

Your children will get to experience life in many characters' shoes, especially with two of the characters being immigrants to the US. What kinds of struggles would they face on a daily basis?

Christian Values

This book won't beat your kids over the head with the Bible to tell them what to think. Instead, Christian lessons are organically reinforced with Scriptures woven seemlessly into the plot. We don't need to force anything, because God has something to say about everything.

Family Bonding

Families are encouraged to read the story together. It's a great way to share thoughts and experiences with each other, bringing the family together.


Children need to be able to see themselves as visible and fully capable of doing anything. It should then come as no surprise that the main character is a biracial lover of engineering.

A Brand New Series

"The Life and Times of Theodore Addison" is a new series with several books in production. "5th Grade Challenge" is the second in the series. Another book, "My New Home," available soon, is the first, and it explains the origin of Theodore Addison and how he met his new friends when he moved to town.

A Word From The Author

“I love teaching people about Jesus Christ, and helping them apply God's truth to our lives. I love to do this in ways that grab people's interest and attention. So I won't stop with books. I even want to move on to video games. In fact, this series is directly inspired by one of my games from when I was a teenager. So I try to make the story as fun to read as the game will be to play. Enjoy."

- Jamaal W.M. Fridge 

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